After years of working in different jobs and experiencing different career moves, Federico got into kitchens in 1998 to recreate the loving memories of food and flavors of his childhood. Raised by an Italian grandmother whose cooking abilities were those of a cooking goddess, Federico learned at a very early age the importance of eating well and the pleasure that it brings to people.

From the beginning of his culinary experience, Federico showed interest in all the kitchens he had worked in by asking questions, investigating, and exploring with different types of ingredients. This curiosity about food, along with the effort Federico put into its preparation, was greatly appreciated by his supervisors, which resulted in better culinary positions rather quickly at a young age.

After finishing a formal study in culinary science, Federico embarked on the adventure of meeting new kitchens in other countries. This experience reinforced his culinary ideas. In his return to Venezuela, he went to work back to the roots, hand in hand with local producers, to rescue recipes, and to embrace the Venezuelan culture with culinary sophistication.