A Ten-Course Dinner Inspired by Venezuelan Cacao

Chef Carlos Garcia of Restaurant Alto
November 11 and 12 2015
at Alma Cocina Latina
35/person add'l with wine pairings



The Menu

Chia, white chocolate, spicy avocado toast
Crispy cachapa with cacao and ají

Andean queen arepa of prawns with milk chocolate
V: Andean queen arepa with textures of carrot and cacao-sriracha

Cold entrée
White chocolate Heart of palm and citrus salad of purslane and clover

Hot entrée
Eggs, crispy scallops, and cacao emulsion with orange
V: Egg and cacao emulsion with orange

Grouper, with cacao pil pil, sticks of yucca and coffee
Crunchy rice with cacao, Canoabo style
V: No Grouper

Black Ossobuco
V: Vegetable marrow with wild mushrooms and cacao

Dried squash with fresh white cheese

The land of cacao


About the Chef

Carlos García studied at the Escuela de Hosteleria Hoffman in Barcelona, Spain. Upon completion of his degree, he did internships at Michelin star establishments like El Bulli (1998), El Celler de Can Roca (2005), Mugaritz (2010), among others.

Carlos returned to Venezuela and started his career as Chef of Malabar (2003-2007). This experience gave him a great reputation and prestige for his outstanding creative work.

In 2007, Carlos García was awarded “Tenedor de Oro al chef del Año”, given to him (as best chef) by the Venezuelan Academy of Gastronomy. That same year he opened Alto Restaurant, determined to live his dream of creating a menu based on the rediscovery of his childhood flavors, those he experienced at his grandmother’s house every Sunday, while growing up.

Nowadays, Alto presents a contemporary approach to Venezuelan food, and seeks to define the Venezuelan geography and culture through edible metaphors. “I like to think that a dish is loaded with many memories, that then all meet at some point to create something new, and that we can, in turn, remember in the future”. This is what Alto is about: “We take the elements of the past, we season them, work with them, and serve them looking straight toward the future”, Garcia explains.

His kitchen defines its territory with the use of local ingredients and the close connections with local farmers. He is particularly obsessed with cacao, its superb quality and value. He spends a great amount of time promoting it as an essential ingredient in his discourse. For three consecutive years, Alto has been placed among the best 50 restaurants in Latin America, #25, #28, #29 (50 Best restaurants, in Restaurants magazine).

Carlos Garcia is invited to Baltimore by chefs Enrique Limardo and Federico Tischler, who have worked extensively with Carlos throughout their careers. They join their hands in the preparation of this menu, with the hope that this region of Baltimore and DC will enjoy this tremendous cultural experience.


Photos from the Event