Arepas are delicious crisp round pockets/patties made of maize flour that will make you an addict in no time.  Arepas are grilled, baked and filled with an infinite variety of ingredients, making it an easy food of choice for vegetarians, vegans, meat, and seafood lovers alike. They are best eaten hot, on the spot or soon after they are made. (We strongly discourage eating arepas that are not freshly made.)

Arepas originate from Venezuela and Colombia, where they are the daily staple in each family’s table at any time of the day-- breakfast, lunch, dinner, eaten as a snack at midnight after a movie or a play, or even at 4am after a great party! The arepa is considered gluten free, although the maize flour may contain traces of wheat, oat, or soy, because of the environment where it is produced is beyond our control.